As a kid I read a lot about science and I was particularly interested in biology. One book really stood out as my all time favorite: The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. It managed to capture all my interests in one coherent theory/philosophy.

In The Blind Watchmaker Dawkins argues for evolution theory, using not only evidence from biology, but also making excursions to the philosophy of science, science in general and computer science. I was particularly thrilled as I read about the computer program he wrote to illustrate the principle of natural selection. It inspired my 15 year old self to start using the computer for more than just gaming and I started programming (using Turbo Pascal) a whole series of tiny apps simulating life and evolution.

Here I’ve tried to recreate (in part) the program Richard Dawkins describes in his book. It has (once again) inspired me to learn more about programming. (Even though I’m now more inclined to writing web tools that would make my life as a translator easier.)

The program uses jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap and it’s one of the first programs I wrote in Javascript, so even though the code is available on Github, please don’t look at the code too closely!